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May 26, 2020
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Four Ways To Cater For Your Natural Hair

Four Ways To Cater For Your Natural Hair

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Human hair needs to be taken care of like every other part of the body. The natural hair, however, requires extra care. If they are not properly taken care of, they can thin out, break out and can become very painful to manage. Below are some ways to properly manage your natural hair:

Be strategic

Do not just to the market and buy all the hair products you see. Make it a point of duty to contact your stylist before going ahead to purchase some hair products. Know the texture of your hair and what you might lack, then purchase those products that will do your hair some good.


Shampoo your hair every week

So many natural hair needs just minimal oil; Therefore, ensure you shampoo your hair once every week. Shampooing your hair several times a week or even every day strips the oil that the hair needs from the hair shaft so it becomes drier, frizzier and more prone to breaking. Ensure you comb your hair before shampooing to avoid your hair breaking unnecessarily.


Always ensure you condition your hair after shampooing. It is essential to use conditioner every time you shampoo your hair to restore moisture. It is also advisable that you leave the conditioner on the hair for some minutes before washing them off. After conditioning, you can add a leave-in-conditioner; add a generous amount of leave-in conditioner to the wet hair to continue adding moisture to the hair. Product that contains coconut oil, shea butter or cocoa butter works perfectly well on natural hair.

Strengthen hair


It is imperative that you put effort into replenishing and strengthening your hair daily. Coconut oil works well for rejuvenating the scalp and enhancing shine without adding weight. For weak hair,  castor oil is very important to help nourish weak, fragile strands while fortifying hair with the strength it needs to grow.

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