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September 29, 2020

August 5: Reigniting The Hope Of Nigerian People On A Saner Clime By Akingbondere Babatunde

August 5: Reigniting The Hope Of Nigerian People On A Saner Clime By Akingbondere Babatunde

Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the Falcon cannot hear the Falconer. Things have fallen apart, the center cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. 
Things Fall Apart

The late sage, Achebe Chinua, succinctly conceived a thought as it pertains to the issue with Nigeria. He called Nigeria’s problem squarely the problem of leadership this, heralded some criticisms though, picking seriously on him was a weapon for those who thought this statement was not in order.  

Uncountable decades after a blockbuster book was dropped by this fine potential as writer is the reality of his thoughts which, came in the likeness of heartless military governments, obnoxiously crazy policies, hike in the price of most basic facilities, not when we have been endowed with the gut in raw materials.  

A lot of people assumed the reality of their stupidity, some who are yet to die were made to bear the brunt of some ignorance: maybe by being victimized unjustly, starved and robbed by those they unknowingly endowed with their responsibilities. 

It is highly nauseating, that these people and their generation had been confined to their slave masters, they got to a critical point in history that, they have been forced to resign to the fate of these callous people. How do we substantiate the fact that they try to kill whoever races his head to fight them? To buttress this are daring personalities who, seems too allergic to some oppressive tendencies: the same people received the radical blood of Ken Saro Wiwa, just for the sake of the Ogoni people. Dele Giwa was killed via a letter bomb, suspected to have emanated from the government of his time. How I wish the excellence in Bola Ige can still remain active in my generation, I could have been so happy to learn from the source. 

In the mist of all these is the rhapsody of a lone voice from the wilderness, the voice that had been prophesied via the mouth of a Prophet. The Prophet puts it so succinctly; that one Omoyele Sowore would race his head to obstruct, turn down the table of the moneychangers. That the moneychangers shall be so scared of him that, they will try every possible means to bribe the Revolutionary out of him, all to no avail! Having failed with all these would be their eventual attempt to take the spirit being out of his flesh this, is for him to remain dead to the oppressive reality of our Nigerian world. Unknown to them is the fact that he built a network of Revolutionaries too who, would fight without him. It later dawned on them on the 5th of August. 

Dont be deceived, brethren! There is vision, a coverage of that which is to happen in the near future. Sowore truly came, introduced pragmatism at the Presidential Debates, it is a prototype of the Jesuit debate with the Pharisees and the Sadducees at the synagogue.  This they couldn’t behold, it surprisingly led to an enmity, hate speeches and against the eventual movement to revolt against every oppressive tendencies in our places of responsibilities. Jesus was the first Comrade to do this, just at his converted father’s house, they made it the most lively of markets. 

It must be on record, succinctly imprinted on the soul of the book that, Omoyele Sowore left the luxury, the convenience of this world to rebuild our Jerusalem. He rapped with the wealthiest of this world but had found no motivation in them, in bringing back sanity to Nigeria is the truest motivation for him. The awareness is going viral, Comrades are joining the selfless mission: a time would come in the history of our country when, none would be forced to join a protest for good government. 

Nigeria is becoming a banana republic where anything goes, the deliberate move by a league of noble Nigerians, commandeered by Omoyele Sowore and Mandate suffered so much of intimidation, victimization and incarceration. The struggle has not been so easy since last year as, our government is making matyrs out of our peaceful protesters. 

The movement is not also stopping here, it shall continue to wax stronger, not until Nigeria has yielded to sanity. This movement must also be addressed as a reignition of our collective hope in leadership. 

No retreat! No surrender! 



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