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June 17, 2024

Parents Advised to Instal CCTV to Monitor, Protect Children from Abuse

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Funmi Ogundare

The Head of School, Juniper Hill School, Surulere, Mrs Ajibike Bakare, has called on parents to put adequate measures in place to safeguard their children from being abused by paedophiles.

The measures include the installation of CCTV, having regular talks with the children using age-appropriate language, and ensuring due diligence on the people around the children.

Bakare, who spoke to journalists at the sports day 2022 of the school, held recently, expressed concern about those who abuse children physical and sexually, saying that a background investigation should be conducted on home helps, nannies and security men.

“Parents must ensure that their children know the parts of their body and when people are crossing boundaries, even with relatives. Let them know that some boundaries are healthy and those unhealthy, right from when they are little, so there will be no violation of their person,” Bakare noted. “Even at school as well, because it’s happening there too. From day one, what we have done is to put CCTV around the school, not because we don’t trust our staff, and it has really helped us.”

Bakare, a lawyer and child advocate, also expressed concern about the quality, saying parents no longer have it easy as they have to fend for the family.

“Gone are the days when the household can depend on just one person’s income, but both parents have to work, and the children are at the mercy of either crèches or nannies,” she added, adding that parents need to be fair and equitable to home helps or nannies in the house. A lot of us don’t take care of nannies properly, and we tend to forget that we are leaving our precious jewel with these people when we go to work. Even if we have CCTV in the house, things can happen, and the deed would have been done. So, we need to treat people right.”

She, however, stressed the need for us to go back to a situation where the village or community will raise a child and imbibe the right values and compassion.

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