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June 17, 2024

Queen’s College Principal Advises Students to Focus on Career Choice

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Queen’s College Lagos Principal, Dr. Tokunbo Yakubu-Oyinloye, has advised students not to bow to pressure from peers or family in choosing their preferred careers.
The principal said this during a recent career talk for JS3 students.
“If students allow themselves to bow to pressure from peers or family when it comes to choosing careers, it could be misleading, and in the end, there may be no fulfilment. Very soon, they will be transiting to the senior secondary arm of their education when they will have to choose their subjects and subsequently branch out to various sections, such as Science, Science and Technology, Commercial, Arts and others,” said Yakubu-Oyinloye.
She further noted that the career talk was necessary to help guide the students to make informed choices.
The principal noted that students must endeavour to consider factors such as aptitude, ensure they align, learn, anticipate, seek challenges, and be able to interpret and decide before going for any career choice.
According to her, they must also show a strength of character interest, connect, engage and strive to succeed, and have a fear of God.

Yakubu-Oyinloye added that one of the most critical factors to consider by students before making career choices too has to do with issues relating to their courses, availability cost and the duration.

According to her, job prospects, that is, the salary, opportunities for promotion and advancement, and fringe benefits, work environment, hazards, are also critical.

“That is why we are emphasising that the students must know who they truly are before choosing careers. While choosing their subjects in the senior secondary section, they must endeavour to choose subjects that will help them get into careers that suit them as individuals and not just because others are choosing it,” she explained. “The Vice-Principal 3, Mrs. Catherine Ayoko, went all the way to get professionals from various fields, such as Medicine, Law, Journalism, Teaching, Engineering, Banking, Accounting and Pharmacy, to come and speak to the students so that they can make informed career choices.”

Mr. Boluwatife Adeyanju, an engineer with Trident Oil and Gas, told the students that the future was in their hands when making career choices. According to him, engineering is a career with various branches and benefits and is open to any individual determined to make a choice, irrespective of gender.

Adeyanju noted that engineers were among the most in-demand and best-paid professionals globally, with their females well respected.

“Today, many females are into the engineering profession and before getting to that level, that is, while in school, they sought counselling, in the area of course combination and how to excel in these courses. They asked questions; they were focused, determined and refused to bow to intimidation from any quarters,” added Adeyanju.​
Meanwhile, the school organised a variety show to mark Children’s Day. The event featured activities like inter-house debates, solo singing, tying of gele, games and film show to the students’ delight.

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