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March 30, 2023

Murang’a Robber Shot Nine Times, Including Three Headshots – GOSSIP A

Murang’a Robber Shot Nine Times, Including Three Headshots

An autopsy reveals that one of the robbery suspects killed by police in Murang’a on Sunday was shot nine times.

Also revealed is that 30-year-old Joseph Kamau was a former police officer who was fired for desertion.
The two men were killed on Sunday after allegedly robbing a bank of four million shillings.

Murang’a District Hospital pathologist Kamotho Watenga stated that the suspect was shot three times in the head and six times in the back.

Dr. Watenga observed that the three bullets that entered and exited the head had entry and exit points, but the other six bullets did not.

During a nearly three-hour examination, the pathologist determined that the suspect had bruises on his legs, wrists, and back that may have been caused by a blunt object. He stated that X-ray scans will be required to determine whether the bullets are still inside the body, speculating that they may be the type that fragment inside the body for maximum impact.

Dr. Watenga stated that ballistic experts could determine whether or not the suspects were shot at close range.
As required by law, the body will not be released to the family until a complete pathology report has been completed.

However, a postmortem was not performed on the second body because the man has not yet been identified.

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Mr. Francis Kangethe, the father of Kamau, stated that he learned of his son’s shooting from the media.
Initially, he saw photographs of his son sitting handcuffed with another suspect, but shortly thereafter, he saw photographs of their bodies on the ground.

“When I saw the first photograph, I anticipated that he would be taken to court, but the unexpected turn of events has left us with many questions. His passing shocked his family “he said.

“We need answers as to what transpired following their arrest because they should have been taken to court, not executed in such a manner,” the father continued.

The devastated father stated that his son was an obedient child who never caused trouble at school.

According to him, Kamau served in the National Police Service from 2017 to 2021 before being discharged for desertion.

“He has held a variety of part-time jobs, and I never suspected he was involved in criminal activity,” he added.

Mr. Stephen Mugacho, a representative of the Independent Medical Legal Unit (Imlu), stated that the organization was closely monitoring the situation.

He stated that the pathologist’s report will guide the next steps.

Mr. Mugacho stated, “We want thorough investigations, and we want those found responsible for the deaths of the two to face justice.”

According to reports, the two men were part of a six-member gang, but the others have yet to be apprehended.

A portion of the stolen funds was recovered with two firearms believed to have been stolen from police officers in two separate incidents. The firearms were utilized in the bank robbery as well.


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