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April 16, 2024

Herconomy’s “March to a Billion” Campaign: Here’s What You Need to Know

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In a world confronted by socioeconomic challenges, gender equality emerges as a pivotal force for progress. Despite facing marginalization, women exhibit resilience and innovation, playing crucial roles in addressing global issues.

On International Women’s Day, UN Women called for global action with #InvestinginWomen, highlighting five critical areas for collective engagement:

  • Investing in women as a human rights issue: Gender equality stands as a paramount human rights challenge, benefiting society as a whole.
  • Ending poverty: Current crises exacerbate poverty, particularly affecting millions of women, demanding immediate action.
  • Implementing gender-responsive financing: Austerity measures disproportionately impact women, hindering essential services and social protection.
  • Shifting to a green economy and caring society: The current economic model worsens inequality and environmental degradation, urging a transition to sustainability and inclusivity.
  • Supporting feminist change-makers: feminist organizations, essential in combating poverty and inequality, require significant support.

In response, Herconomy launched the “March to a Billion” campaign, an innovative initiative promoting gender equality and economic empowerment. The campaign aims to rally women across Nigeria to collectively save one billion naira over the next three months, driving economic progress and empowerment.

Herconomy’s “March to a Billion Herconomy’s “March to a BillionThe campaign’s inauguration took place on International Women’s Day with the prestigious “Herconomy March to a Billion Event” at Muri Okunola Park. The event featured engaging discussions and empowering messages from esteemed speakers, including Toke Makinwa, Ife Durosinmi-Etti, Tosin Faniro-Dada, Helen Ossai, and Michael Nwughala, highlighting the importance of women’s participation in the campaign.

The UN Women’s Gender Snapshot Report 2023 forecasts that over 340 million women and girls will live in extreme poverty by 2030. Through the “March to a Billion” campaign, Herconomy aims to bridge the gender gap through financial literacy and inclusion, addressing the staggering annual deficit in gender-equality spending.

As part of the campaign, Herconomy will conduct financial literacy programs in schools and communities across major Nigerian cities, reaffirming its commitment to women’s and girls’ empowerment.

By amplifying women’s voices and contributions, Herconomy endeavours to accelerate progress towards a more inclusive and equitable world. The campaign invites all, regardless of gender, to participate in the largest savings challenge yet and collectively save one billion Naira over the next three months.

Herconomy’s “March to a BillionAfter the challenge, participants will have the chance to win exciting prizes, including double savings, travel tickets, spa vouchers, and more.

Join the movement in three simple steps:

  • Download and sign up for the Herconomy app.
  • Visit the “Plans” dashboard.
  • Select the “March to a Billion” Savings Plan and begin your savings journey.

Together, we can make a difference—one savings account at a time. Let’s march to a billion together!

Herconomy is a financial platform dedicated to empowering women through high-yield savings accounts, community, financial education, and support for female-owned businesses. Join Herconomy in our mission to champion gender equality and economic empowerment.

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