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April 16, 2024

WILAN Wraps up Its 31 Day Advocacy Campaign With a Call for Women’s Leadership and Inclusion

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The Women In Leadership Advancement Network (WILAN) successfully concluded its month-long “WILAN 31 Days of Advocacy” campaign on March 31st, 2024. Launched in conjunction with International Women’s Day, the campaign aimed to dismantle barriers hindering women’s leadership journeys and cultivate inclusive environments for them to thrive.

“We are incredibly proud of the impact this campaign has generated. Communications Lead at WILAN Global. “Over the past 31 days, we’ve sparked important conversations about unconscious bias, celebrated the achievements of phenomenal women, and empowered individuals to advocate for change.” said Itunu Hunga.

The campaign is said to have utilized a multi-pronged approach to achieve its goals. Daily social media content tackled unconscious bias, shared inspiring stories of female leaders, and offered practical solutions for fostering inclusivity. The “Write a Note to a Leader” initiative was also said to have encouraged individuals to publicly acknowledge and support women leaders using the hashtag #WILANHerStory.

A downloadable and customizable pledge badge served as a visual commitment to ending gender bias, fostering conversations, and amplifying the campaign’s message. “Street Stories” also featured interviews with women sharing real-life experiences with gender bias, raising awareness and promoting empathy.

The campaign targeted young adults, professionals, and individuals in leadership roles to influence future generations, ignite positive change within the workforce, and encourage self-reflection on diversity and inclusion practices.

While the 31-day campaign has concluded, WILAN’s commitment to women’s leadership and inclusion promises to be unwavering. The organization encourages everyone to advocate for a more equitable future by following the hashtags #WILAN31DaysofAdvocacy and #InvestInWomenLeadership.

About WILAN Global

The Women In Leadership Advancement Network (WILAN Global) is a prominent non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women in leadership roles. WILAN provides valuable resources, essential tools, and a supportive network to equip women with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in their chosen fields.

WILAN advocates for a shift towards gender-balanced leadership across all levels of society, working towards closing the gender gap and inspiring a future where women can lead, thrive, and succeed.

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